about better now baked goods

Better Now Baked Goods is an outlet, a foot in the door, a sign of greater things yet to come… I hope. It’s a place for me to write about what I bake. It’s a place for you to place a commission, if you want. And maybe one day, if all goes well, it will be an actual place you can walk into, sit down, and make your day better now, one bite at a time.

about the better now baker

My name is Caity, and I live in Decatur, GA. I am a customer support agent by day and amateur baker by night. I do my baking in a beautiful but dimly lit kitchen.

My love of baking probably started with marshmallows, which are not baked at all. My dad and I love hot chocolate, so my mom introduced us to a recipe for homemade marshmallows, which became a yearly tradition. I had always been intimidate by cookies, cakes, and brownies, but marshmallows… nobody made those. They weren’t very difficult, but people were amazed that I knew how to make them. They were my party trick.

Next came truffles. My friend Jessica is a professional pastry chef in my hometown of Savannah, and she taught me how to make truffles while I was visiting over Christmas. Her encouragement has been a major force propelling me forward on my baking adventures, and I really cannot thank her enough.

Candy making gave me the confidence to revisit the “simpler” stuff: cakes, cookies, muffins, etc. I fell in love with King Arthur Flour and started to rethink baking.

What does it mean to me to be a good baker? It means choosing great recipes and focusing on quality ingredients. It means willingness to try just about anything and to spend as many hours as necessary to get it right. And it’s the thrill I get when I see how something I made can make other people so happy.

about the better now logo

My logo was designed by friend, Nate, whose patience was admirably as I hovered over his shoulder dictating every mouse-stroke. The inspiration, colors, and stripes came primarily the apron I wear when I bake. This led us to a shabby chic look, imitating the ornate frames of antique mirrors, but stylized and simplified, and cast in vibrant colors.